Laura 2016 colaboracion con Jester King


Tart pale ale made with fresh hay and juniper branches from the island in the mash. Primary fermentation was done on the Jester King house yeast and secondary fermentation done in the barrels with our house culture The Garden Party and then matured in the champagne barrels.
Golden straw color with a fluffy white head. The aroma is dominated by apricot, fresh dough, red apples and notes of hay and freshly picked spruce tips. Soft mouthfeel with lively carbonation, leading to flavors of apple, mandarin, ripe peach, honey, freshly cut timber, and bread crust. Finishes slightly tart with fruity sweetness and pithy bitterness

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Tart Pale Ale brewed with Hay and Juniper

6% Botella 75cl

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